Where have they come from? Where are they going? These are all questions that the two of us are expecting you may have had in mind when you first hit the link to the web page or our profile on Twitter, Facebook and who knows what next.

We are Scott and Lewie. Chartered physiotherapists. Experienced climbers. And psyched to be here to help you prevent, manage and rehabilitate your musculoskeletal injuries. The vision of Climbing Physio is to provide a professional service to climbers of all abilities, to promote optimal physical health, prevent injuries and enhance life-long performance. Are we exclusively offering our services to climbers? Of course not. We are therapists with experience in treating a wide range of conditions and are happy to take self-referrals for any musculoskeletal conditions. However, as the name suggests, we are passionate about keeping climbers injury free, managing climbing related injuries and assisting the return the climbing. Being based at Highball Norwich (www.highballnorwich.co.uk) provides us with the perfect playground and facilities required to offer you functional rehabilitation and movement analysis sessions to progress treatment or prevent common climbing related injuries.

Lewie worked as a duty manager at Highball Norwich for nearly 3 years and continues to coach their junior academy bouldering team. Scott has also graduated in sports rehabilitation and has had many coaching roles including trampolining and wheelchair basketball. The services we now offer in the Highball Clinic are part time musculoskeletal physiotherapy assessments and treatments, while we also both practice full time in the NHS.

There’s good evidence to show that the injury rates in climbing are relatively low in comparison to the majority of other sports, but our experience in climbing centres around the UK suggests that many climbers fight through injuries without consulting medical professionals and self-treat injuries based on articles they’ve read online or heard through fellow climbers. We believe that Climbing Physio can provide treatment for these injuries to facilitate the return to full climbing performance and prevent further time-off climbing, using a range of interventions from sports massage, mobilisations, exercises, taping and electrotherapy.